To Hissss or not to Hiss - that is the question.

To Hiss or Not to Hiss that is the question ?
For friends who grew up with "Cassette / 8 and Reel to Reel Tape" Do I release my music with or without the HISSSSSS. .. I recorded on 8 inch tape and in many cases had only a cassette player at my live concerts. The songs can be heard but only if you can stand the "HISSSSS" I have some tools to take out the HISSSS but my thought iis that its a part of the time period. Taking it our makes it a "FAKE SONG" So I have decided - I think - to leave it in .. what’s your opinion? This is an example. .. and you dont have to like this song. Its simply a question of should artists remove the HISSS? I do like this song and would like to rerecord it someday .. but my memory and heart are into the original version because I know all th people who played on this song. Rerecording it might not be the same. Anyway, here ya go 1978 a song called "Taxie"